Professional Piano Tuning Technology

Verituner calculates your tuning to perfectly match each piano’s unique scaling

Accurate tuning display for every note

"Best tuning software I have found..."

-Tim Coates

Start tuning right away! Just start with A, and the AutoNote identification follows you along to any note and octave for completely automatic operation. The Verituner determines the required stretch by measuring inharmonicity as you tune, so there is no need for a separate measurement step.

The Fine Tuning function gives you a highly accurate tuning display for every note. Large pitch deviations are shown by the direction of a needle, and small deviations are shown by spinning blades. Play a note and adjust the string to slow the blades as much as possible. As you move on to other notes, and the AutoNote identification follows your tuning sequence to any note and octave. The display is fast and responsive moving with you for instant feedback. All partials are tuned and displayed simultaneously in a combined spinner that includes a continuous numerical reading of your cents offset from target pitch.

Super accurate tuning for better sounding tunings

Technicians find that the Verituner gives them better sounding tunings than they ever thought possible in a short amount of time. As in traditional aural tuning, Verituner listens to all the partials on all notes. Verituner is the only electronic tuning technology that measures the inharmonicity of every note during tuning, accumulating a detailed picture of the entire scaling of the piano. It calculates tuning targets for all the partials of each note to produce a well balanced tuning custom fit to the piano. Verituner is the first tuning technology that can accurately compensate for scaling inconsistencies, especially in smaller pianos.

Available on three plaforms

Select the software that best fits your choice of technology

Veritune for iPhone

Verituner for iPhone

The Verituner app is available now on the App Store. To purchase, open the App Store directly on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and search for Verituner.

Verituner for Netbooks

Downloadable software for a Windows-based netbook device. Purchase an inexpensive off-the-shelf netbook and then install our software to create an advanced tuning device

Verituner Android PC

Verituner for Android

Easy download - no shipping is required. Purchase an inexpensive Android phone or tablet and then install our software to create an advanced tuning device.

New Verituner for Android launched at the PTG Annual Convention!

Adjustable Stretch

Verituner allows you to set your own preferences for the amount of octave stretch in your tuning through its Style option. Each style sets the widths for various octave types and where they are to be used. There are 3 built-in Styles:

Verituner Custom Styles

For advanced users who want to go beyond the built-in Styles, one of the more powerful features of Verituner is creating Custom Styles with its Style Designer. Specify exactly the type of octaves you want to hear in each section of the piano and Verituner applies aural tuning principles and calculates tuning frequencies using the beat rates of coincident partials from these intervals.

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