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Veritune, Inc. has been the leading provider of advanced piano tuning technology for over 10 years. Veritune's mission is to bring the best of accuracy, variety and efficiency to piano tuning through technology. Through ongoing research and development, Veritune's products bring the best sounding tunings in the industry to piano technicians and their customers world-wide.

Veritune's first product, the Verituner 100, was released in March 2001. In the days before off-the-shelf mobile computing devices were powerful enough to keep up with the Verituner's advanced computations, the Verituner 100 was designed as a dedicated custom portable tuning device. Technicians immediately noticed how the Verituner's multi-partial tuning technology was a huge leap forward in tuning accuracy.

By 2005, the Pocket PC technology had advanced enough to catch up to the processing speed of the Verituner 100 in a much smaller format, and Veritune released its first software-only product Verituner Pocket.

In order to bring the technology to a wider variety of platforms, in 2010 Veritune introduced Verituner for Netbooks which will run on any Windows laptop.

In 2011 Veritune introduce Verituner for iPhone app for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Our newest product is Verituner for Android, introduced in 2019.

Dave Carpenter, RPT
Dave Carpenter, RPT

Dave's background includes an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and a first career in software design. After discovering the joy of piano technology, Dave joined the Piano Technicians Guild. He learned the craft, achieved Registered Piano Technician classification and pursued his Chicago area piano service business. In the course of using the available electronic tuning devices (ETDs) in his work as a piano technician, Dave was confronted with their limitations and his curiosity led to an investigation to find the causes of these shortcomings. Convinced that the prior methods could be significantly improved, he capitalized on his technology skills and founded Veritune in 1998 to develop a new tuning device that would bring unique solutions to the challenges of piano tuning. He has since enjoyed spending his time supporting and evolving the Verituner product line and numerous other acoustics and audio projects. Dave is a prior adjunct faculty member and research director at the Chicago School for Piano Technology, a frequent instructor at PTG conventions and chapter seminars, and an RPT member and past president of the PTG Chicago Chapter.

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