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Verituner for Netbooks

Verituner for Netbooks

Verituner for Netbooks is downloadable software for a Windows-based netbook device.

With Verituner for Netbooks, you purchase an inexpensive off-the-shelf netbook and then install our software to create an advanced tuning device. The software is an easy download - no shipping is required. We'll give you any help you need to get started.

The Verituner is the pioneer in multi-partial measurement and tuning. Small and poorly-scaled pianos are no problem - the Verituner listens to all the partials on all the notes, much like your ear does. Every tuning sounds great without extra steps or adjustments!

Verituner for Netbooks Features

  • Automatic Hands-Off Tuning
  • Aural Quality Tunings
  • Quick and Accurate Pitch Raises
  • Historical Temperaments
  • Adjustable Stretch
  • Alternate Standard Pitch
  • AutoNote
  • Saved Tunings

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