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Verituner for iPhone

Verituner for iPhone

New in 4.7.7 (7/24/2018)

  • fixed folder sorting
  • fixed 12th interval widths in Custom Styles
  • better compatibility with recent iOS updates
  • new 19th intervals in Custom Styles
  • new higher order partial intervals in Custom Styles
  • new Page Universal Custom Style
  • fixes to Style Editor - invalid intervals colored red

This app brings our leading Verituner product line to the best ever platform in its 17 year history.

Piano technicians have said that Verituner technology has given them better sounding tunings than they ever thought possible with the fewest steps. Our patented multi-partial technology calculates your tuning to perfectly match each piano’s unique scaling. Automatic hands-off operation keeps you tuning quickly and eliminates tedious pre-tuning measurement steps.

The Verituner app is available now on the App Store. To purchase, open the App Store directly on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and search for Verituner.

Verituner for iPhone Features

  • Automatic Hands-Off Tuning
  • Aural Quality Tunings
  • Quick and Accurate Pitch Raises
  • Historical Temperaments
  • Adjustable Stretch
  • Alternate Standard Pitch
  • AutoNote
  • Saved Tunings

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