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WARNING - operating system upgrades

Verituner for Android - confirmed up to Android 13

Verituner for Netbooks - confirmed up to Windows 10 version 1511

Verituner for iPhone - confirmed up to iOS 17.4.X (X means "any")
NOTE: Starting with iOS 13, Apple removed the status bar display on the older (non-notch) phone models for ALL landscape apps, not just Verituner. On these older phones an easy way to view the time and battery while using a landscape (horizontal) app, including Verituner, is to swipe down from the very top of the screen to show the iOS notifications screen. Swipe back up from the bottom to return to the app.
A future update will add portrait (vertical) screen layouts which will show the status bar while viewing the app in portrait mode.

NOTE: If you are low on storage when performing an iOS upgrade, some of your apps may not start up after the upgrade. If following an iOS upgrade your Verituner app (or any other app) does not start, you can resolve this issue by deleting and reinstalling the app.

If you rely on the correct functioning of your Verituner software for your work, we highly recommend that you NEVER upgrade the operating system on your device until you have confirmed the version is listed above on this web page. Occasionally new operating system releases can break existing software. Upgrades to the operating system only provide additional features on your device not related to tuning and are generally not beneficial to the Verituner software.

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